Piety of Ashes

July 24, 2017

FlashBulb just dropped a teaser of his new album coming up “Piety of Ashes.”  We’re not sure what it’s about, but here is the the preview page and video for it.

From knowing the Flashbulb personally, I can say that I’ve never met someone as musically prolific and technologically adept to music, electronics, and software.  From navigating modular synthesis, palindromic music, or digital art and animation doodles from his Instagram.  He does it all, and it’s all mysterious and subtly melancholy.  

You can learn more about him from his composers’ website.  From the Flashbulb’s website, and check out his YouTube channel as well.  At that point, you might as well scour the internet on a Flashbulb binge. 


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